Nichtszusagen book & movie index



La'Brooy, Melanie.
Romantic Fiction (#3)
Lackey, Mercedes.
Burning Water
Children of the Night (#49)
LaFevers, R. L.
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
Lamb, Monica.
"Enough's Enough" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Landis, Jill Marie.
"Summer Fantasy" in Summer Love (#3)
Landry, Sandra.
The Last Bride (#3)
Langan, Ruth Ryan.
Ashes of Dreams (#14)
Duchess of Fifth Avenue (#7)
"The Passenger" in Bump in the Night (#25)
"Sealed with a Kiss" in Once Upon a Kiss
"Timeless" in Dead of Night
Lange, Emma.
"The Best Gift of All" in A Regency Christmas IV
Larbalestier, Justine.
"A Buffy Confession" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
Larue, Michele.
"The Water Hole" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Laurie, Victoria.
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (#1)
Better Read than Dead
"Blind Sighted" in Drop Dead Blonde (#17)
What's A Ghoul to Do?
Law, Adhara.
"The Death and Life of Edward Grable" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Layton, Edith.
"The Dogstar" in Regency Christmas Courtship (#17)
le Carré, John.
The Secret Pilgrim
Leckie, Robert.
George Washington's War
Lee, Bruce.
Marching Orders (#31)
Lee, Rachel.
Involuntary Daddy (#17)
Lee, Rebecca Hagan.
Always a Lady
Ever a Princess
Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve.
Local Custom (#8)
LeGuin, Ursula K.
Tombs of Atuan (#31)
A Wizard of Earthsea (#21)
Lehane, Dennis.
Gone, Baby, Gone (#13)
Mystic River
Prayers for Rain
Sacred (#17)
Shutter Island
Leigh, Jo.
Going for It (#17)
Leigh, Lora.
"The Breed Next Door" in Hot Spell (#16)
"In a Wolf's Embrace" in Beyond the Dark
Tanner's Scheme
Lepovetsky, Lisa.
"Final Reunion" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
Leto, Julie Elizabeth.
"Dare to Desire" in Dare Me (#36)
Pure Chance (#21)
Letts, Elizabeth.
Quality of Care (#3)
Lewis, C. S.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline.
"Power of Becoming" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
"Victim Triumphant" in Five Seasons of Angel
Lindholm, Megan.
"A Coincidence of Birth" in Liavek
"Pot Luck" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
Lindsey, Johanna.
Once a Princess (#41)
Until Forever
Linz, Cathie.
"Brides Gone Wild" in Catch of the Day
Good Girls Do (#24)
"Setting the Stage" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Lippman, Laura.
"The Shoeshine Man's Regrets" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
To the Power of Three
Lisle, Holly.
Last Girl Dancing (#24)
Midnight Rain (#2)
Minerva Wakes
Liu, Marjorie M.
The Red Heart of Jade
Shadow Touch
Tiger Eye (#10)
Lloyd, Joan Elizabeth.
Bedtime Stories for Lovers III
Lloyd, Josie & Rees, Emlyn.
The Boy Next Door
Lofty, Carrie.
Logsdon, Rich.
"Sweet, Sweet Annie" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
London, Cait.
The Seduction of Jake Tallman
London, Julia.
The Beautiful Stranger (#11)
The Dangerous Gentleman (#2)
Extreme Bachelor
Highlander Unbound
The Ruthless Charmer
Wedding Survivor (#14)
Long, Beverly.
Stay With Me (#14)
Longyear, Barry B.
"The Fortune Maker" in Liavek
Lord, Marcus.
"Kyree" in Master/Slave (#5)
Lord, Sasha.
Beyond the Wild Wind (#12)
Lorrah, Jean.
"Love Saves the World" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
"A World Without Love: The Failure of Family in Angel" in Five Seasons of Angel
Lovelace, Merline.
"Mismatched Hearts" in Bride by Arrangement (#23)
Risky Business
Undercover Man
Lowell, Elizabeth.
"Love Conquers All: The Warrior Hero and the Affirmation of Love" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Lucas, Jacqueline.
"Mothering" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Ludlum, Robert.
The Tristan Betrayal
Lutz, John.
"Chop Suey" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
Lyles, Whitney.
Roommates (#12)
"The Wedding Party" in Catch of the Day
Lynds, Gayle.
The Last Spymaster