Nichtszusagen book & movie index



Saintcrow, Lilith
Dark Watcher
Sale, Medora.
"Angels" in Christmas Stalkings (#19)
Samuel, Barbara.
"Dragon Feathers" in Dragon Lovers
Sanders, Erin.
"Erin's Rules" in Master/Slave (#5)
Sandford, John.
Naked Prey
Santi, Dominic.
"The Wealth of Pearls" in Master/Slave (#5)
Sarai, Lisabet.
"Butterfly" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Saunders, Charles R.
"Ishu's Gift" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
Sawyer, Cheryl.
The Chase (#14)
Siren (#4)
Saxon, Samantha.
The Lady Lies (#21)
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann.
"Final Vows" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
Scheel, Christine.
The Captain's Castaway (#4)
Schone, Robin.
Awaken, My Love
Schulze, Dallas.
A Christmas Marriage in Christmas Delivery (#23)
The Morning After (#26)
Of Dreams and Magic
Schwab, Sandra.
The Lily Brand
Scott, Susan Holloway.
Duchess: A Novel of Sarah Churchill
The Royal Harlot: A Novel of the Countess Castlemaine and King CharlesII
Scottoline, Lisa.
Final Appeal
Legal Tender (#25)
Mistaken Identity (#10)
Seidel, Kathleen Gilles.
"Judge Me by the Joy I Bring" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Settimana, Helena.
"O Ramona" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Seymour, Ana.
Angel of the Lake
Jeb Hunter's Bride (#24)
Rose in the Mist
Shaffer, Mary Ann & Barrows, Annie.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Shalvis, Jill.
Blue Flame (#5)
"Nothing to Lose" in Dare Me (#36)
Seeing Red (#8)
Shay, Kathryn.
Nothing to Lose (#10)
Someone to Believe In (#19)
Ties That Bind (#21)
Shayne, Maggie.
"Awaiting Moonrise" in Hot Blooded (#23)
"The Bride Wore a .44" in Kick Ass (#1) | re-read
Twilight Hunger
Shepard, Chelsea.
"With Open Arms" in Master/Slave (#5)
Sheppard, Simon.
"Becoming Veronika Vale" in Master/Slave (#5)
Sheridan, Nina.
Educating Eleanor in X-Libris Erotica, Omnibus One
Sherman, Josepha.
"Angel or Devil" in Five Seasons of Angel
Shetterly, Will.
"A Happy Birthday" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
"Bound Things" in Liavek
Shetterly, Will & Bull, Emma.
Double Feature (#23)
Shinn, Sharon.
"The Sorcerer's Assassin" in Powers of Detection (#16)
"When Winter Comes" in The Queen in Winter (#9)
Showalter, Gena.
Awaken Me Darkly
Sienkiewicz, Henryk.
With Fire and Sword
Silverberg, Robert.
Son of Man
Simmons, Deborah.
My Lady DeBurgh (#5)
Simpson, Donna Lea.
Awaiting the Moon (#13)
Sinclair, Dominique.
"Good Girl Gone Bad" in Secrets, Volume 12
"Private Eyes" in Secrets, Volume 10
Sinclair, Linnea.
Finders Keepers
Gabriel's Ghost
Singh, Nalini.
Awaken the Senses
Craving Beauty
Slave to Sensation
Siverling, Michael.
The Sterling Inheritance
Sizemore, Susan.
"A Touch of Harry" in The Shadows of Christmas Past (#15)
Sloan, Lesly.
"The Interview" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Smith, Deborah.
The Stone Flower Garden
Smith, Evelyn E.
"Miss Melville Rejoices" in Christmas Stalkings (#19)
Smith, Julie.
"Kid Trombone" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
Snow, Carol.
Been There, Done That
Getting Warmer
Spangler, Catherine.
"Street Corners and Halos" in Demon's Delight
Touched by Darkness
Sparrow, Annie.
"The Unlovable Woman" in Irish Girls About Town
Spencer, Katherine & Kinkade, Thomas.
A Christmas to Remember
A New Leaf (#11)
Spencer, Wen.
Alien Taste
Sprinkle, Patricia.
Did You Declare the Corpse? (#20)
Squires, Susan.
Body Electric
"Sacrilege" in The Only One (#33)
St. Claire, Roxanne.
Like a Hurricane
St. George, Margaret.
Dear Santa in Christmas Delivery (#25)
St. Giles, Jennifer.
Touch a Dark Wolf
Stabenow, Dana.
"Justice Is a Two-Edged Sword" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Steiber, Ellen.
A Rumor of Gems
Stein, Jeanne C.
"The Witch and the Wicked" in Many Bloody Returns
Steinbeck, John.
East of Eden
Stevenson, Jennifer.
Trash Sex Magic
Stewart, Mary.
Airs Above the Ground
The Ivy Tree (#7)
The Wicked Day
Stoker, Bram.
Stover, Deb.
Mulligan Stew
Straley, John.
"Lovely" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Strohmeyer, Sarah.
Bubbles A Broad (#32)
Stuart, Anne.
Angels Wings
Black Ice
Cold as Ice
Crazy Like a Fox
Cry for the Moon
Falling Angel
Heat Lightning in Lost in the Night
Housebound (#12)
Ice Blue
Ice Storm
"Legends of Seductive Elegance" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Lord of Danger (#1)
One More Valentine in The Cupid Connection
The Right Man
Rocky Road
"Sultry" in Summer Love (#3)
Stuart, Anne & Crusie, Jennifer & Dreyer, Eileen.
The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
Stutzman, Walter J. & Friesner, Esther M.
"A Hamster of No Importance" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
Sudac, Marie.
"Not Until Dawn" in Master/Slave (#5)
Sumner, June.
"High Ground" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Mona Lisa Awakening
"Mona Lisa Three" in Over the Moon
Surface, David.
"Going Out With Angela" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Swanson, Denise.
"Dead Blondes Tell No Tales" in Drop Dead Blonde (#17)
Murder of a Smart Cookie (#11)
Murder of a Snake in the Grass
Sweeney, Leann.
A Wedding to Die For (#3)
Swendson, Shanna.
Enchanted, Inc.