Nichtszusagen book & movie index



1000 Words
27 Dresses
40 Days and 40 Nights
48 Hrs.
5 Rooms
7 Zwerge: Der Wald Ist Nicht Genug
7 Zwerge: Männer Allein im Wald

All of Me (#10)
Angels and Demons
Anger Management
The Apple Dumpling Gang

Babylon A. D.
Balls of Fury
Bangkok Dangerous
The Bishop's Wife
Blades of Glory
The Blair Thumb
Blazing Saddles
The Blues Brothers
Blues Brothers 2000
Bonnie and Clyde
The Bourne Identity
The Brave One
Broken Arrow (#6)

Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre
Cannibal the Musical
Casino Royale
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (#8)
A Christmas Story
The Collector
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Dan in Real Life
Dances With Wolves (#9)
The Dark Corner
The Dark Knight
Date from Hell
Death Race
Deck the Halls
Definite Article
Die Hard
Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Disaster Movie
Double Jeopardy

Eagle Eye
Eastern Promises
The Edukators
Epic Movie
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Fast & Furious
Fiddler on the Roof
The Final Cut
Flushed Away
Fool's Gold
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Fred Claus
Free Lovin'
The Frisco Kid
The Fugitive

Ghost Rider
The Gods Must Be Crazy
The Gods Must Be Crazy II
The Golden Compass
Gone Baby Gone
The Guardian
The Gunrunner

Hard to Kill
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Haunted Honeymoon
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Herbie Goes Bananas
Hero and the Terror
A History of Violence
Hitch (#12)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Holiday
The Hunt for Red October
Hurricane on the Bayou

I Am Legend
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
In the Line of Fire
An Inconvenient Truth
The Incredible Hulk
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Invisible
Iron Man

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter
Jumpin' Jack Flash

Kindergarten Cop
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Knocked Up
Kung Fu Panda

La Cage Aux Folles
The Legend of Drunken Master
Life of Brian
Little Miss Sunshine
Live Free or Die Hard
The Longshot
Love in the Afternoon

Man of the Year
Martian Child
Mission Impossible III (#4)
Mr. Bean's Holiday
Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Mrs. Doubtfire (#1)
Mrs. Right (#5)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Music and Lyrics

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Night at the Museum
Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Oceans 13
Over Her Dead Body

Phil the Alien
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (#3)
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (#7)
Planet Terror

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rocky V
Rocky Balboa
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rush Hour 3
RV (#2)

Say Anything
Shoot 'Em Up
Smokin' Aces
Spider-Man 3
Star Trek
Step Brothers
Stranger than Fiction
Sweeney Todd

Take My Wife, Please!
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Terminator Salvation
They Call Me Trinity (#11)
They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way
Throbin Hood
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transylvania 6-5000
Trinity Is Still My Name (#13)
Tropic Thunder

Vantage Point
Veronica's Game

We're No Angels (1955)
We're No Angels (1989)
The Widow (La Veuve)
Wild Hogs
Without a Clue
Witness for the Prosecution

You Don't Mess with the Zohan


1993 Silhouette Christmas Stories (#22)
After Twilight
Alluring Tales
Angel Christmas
Another Woman's Lipstick (#19)
Beyond the Dark
Big Girls Don't Cry (#28)
Bite (#25)
Boys in Blue
Bride by Arrangement (#23)
Bump in the Night (#25)
Captive Dreams
Catch of the Day
Christmas Delivery (# 23, #25, #26)
Christmas Stalkings (#19)
The Cop
The Cupid Connection
Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Dare Me (#36)
Dead of Night
Demon's Delight
Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Dragon Lovers
Drop Dead Blonde (#17)
Fathers and Daughters
Five Seasons of Angel
Hard Candy
Hell with the Ladies
Hot Blooded (#23)
Hot Spell (#16)
How to Marry a Millionaire
I'd Kill for That
Irish Girls About Town
Just One Sip
Kick Ass (#1) | re-read
Liavek: The Players of Luck
A Little Magic
Lost in the Night
The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Many Bloody Returns
Master/Slave (#5)
Men at Work (#11)
Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
More Stories to Make You Blush
Murder and All that Jazz (#16)
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Naked Came the Phoenix
The Official Nora Roberts Companion (#21)
Once Upon a Kiss
The Only One (#33)
Over the Moon
Playing with Matches
Powers of Detection (#16)
The Queen in Winter (#9)
A Regency Christmas IV
Regency Christmas Courtship (#17)
Santa, Baby
Secrets, Volumes 9 and 10
Secrets, Vol. 13
Seven Seasons of Buffy
The Shadows of Christmas Past (#15)
Shadows of Sanctuary (#28)
A Stockingful of Joy (#12)
Strictly Taboo
Stroke of Midnight
Summer Love (#3)
Surf's Up
Taking Care of Business (#5)
Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (#17)
Thieves' World (#10)
Tied with a Bow
Twin Peaks (#25)
What Dreams May Come (#33)
X-Libris Erotica, Omnibus One


Abbey, Lynn.
"The Face of Chaos" in Thieves' World (#10)
"The Fruit of Enlibar" in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (#17)
"Then Azyuna Danced" in Shadows of Sanctuary (#28)
Acton, Xavier.
"Parking Goddess" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Adair, Cherry.
"Playing for Keeps" in Dare Me (#36)
Adair, Dominique.
"Two Days, Three Nights" in Tied with a Bow
Adams, Alina.
Axel of Evil (#18)
Death Drop
Murder on Ice
Adams, C.T. & Clamp, Cathy.
Captive Moon
Hunter's Moon (#1)
Moon's Web
Touch of Evil
Adams, Douglas.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (#27)
Life, the Universe, and Everything (#19)
Mostly Harmless
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (#28)
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (#8)
Adams, Kylie.
First Kiss
Addams, Zach.
"Zephyr" in Master/Slave (#5)
Aitken, Judie.
Secret Shadows (#1)
Alderson, Maggie.
Pants on Fire (#14)
Alexander, Lacey.
Alexis, Renee.
"Detroit's Finest" in The Cop
Allingham, Margery.
The Crime at Black Dudley
Mystery Mile (#23)
Aloi, Peg.
"Skin Pale as Apple Blossom" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
Alongi, Anthony & Davidson, MaryJanice.
Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light
Alton, Tara.
"The Sweater" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Andersen, Susan.
Getting Lucky (#7)
Anderson, Catherine.
My Sunshine (#11)
Only by Your Touch
Phantom Waltz (#26)
Summer Breeze (#18)
Sweet Nothings (#28)
Anderson, Marina.
Dark Secret in X-Libris Erotica, Omnibus One
Anderson, Poul.
"The Gate of the Flying Knives" in Thieves' World (#10)
Andrews, Donna.
"Cold Spell" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Anna, Vivi.
"Quick Silver" in Alluring Tales
"The First Time She Kneels" in Master/Slave (#5)
Antoniou, Laura.
The Marketplace (#5)
The Slave
The Trainer
Arkins, Marianne.
Now That We've Found You
Armstrong, Kelley.
Dime Store Magic
"Twilight" in Many Bloody Returns
Armstrong, Michael.
"The Boy Who Chased Seagulls" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Arnold, Judith.
"Rich Man, Poor Man" in How to Marry a Millionaire
"Women Do" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Arthur, E. M.
"Diver's Moon" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Arthur, Keri.
Dancing with the Devil
Ashley, Amanda.
After Sundown (#11)
"Born of the Night" in Stroke of Midnight
Desire After Dark
"Masquerade" in After Twilight
Night's Kiss (#12)
Ashley, Jennifer.
"Viva Las Vampires" in Just One Sip
Asimov, Isaac.
The Naked Sun (#15)
Asprin, Robert Lynn.
Another Fine Myth
"A Gift in Parting" in Shadows of Sanctuary (#28)
Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections (#6)
"The Price of Doing Business" in Thieves' World (#10)
Sweet Myth-Tery of Life (#7)
"To Guard the Guardians" in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (#17)
Atkins, Dawn.
Simply Sex
Auel, Jean M.
The Shelters of Stone
Avocato, Lori
A Dose of Murder
Ayres, Noreen.
"Ladder Work" in Fathers and Daughters


Bain, Donald & Fletcher, Jessica.
Murder, She Wrote: Majoring in Murder
Murder, She Wrote: The Maine Mutiny (#5)
Baker, Madeline.
Dakota Dreams
Spirit's Song
Baker, Nancy.
The Night Inside (#25)
Baldacci, David.
The Camel Club
The Simple Truth
Ball, Donna.
Gun Shy
Rapid Fire
Smoky Mountain Tracks (#27)
Balogh, Mary.
"Guarded by Angels" in Angel Christmas
"The Porcelain Madonna" in A Regency Christmas IV
Bancroft, Blair.
The Lady and the Cit (#22)
Lady Silence (#15)
Bangs, Nina.
"Color Me Wicked" in Men at Work (#11)
"Hot Summer Bites" in Surf's Up
Wicked Nights
Wicked Pleasure
Banks, L. A.
"Make it Last Forever" in Stroke of Midnight
"Spellbound" in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Barker, Jim.
"Something She's Not Telling You" in Master/Slave (#5)
Barlow, Linda.
"The Androgynous Writer: Another View of Point of View" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Barlow, Linda and Krentz, Jayne Ann.
"Beneath the Surface: The Hidden Codes of Romance" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Barnard, Robert.
"A Political Necessity" in Christmas Stalkings (#19)
Barnes, Linda.
Snapshot (#20)
Barnett, Jill.
"Boxing Day" in A Stockingful of Joy (#12)
Barrows, Annie & Shaffer, Mary Ann.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Barry, Catherine.
"The Twenty-Eighth Day" in Irish Girls About Town
Baudino, Gael.
Dragonsword (#26)
Duel of Dragons
Beagle, Peter S.
"The Good Vampire: Angel and Spike" in Five Seasons of Angel
Beard, Julie.
The Duchess' Lover
Becker, Christopher.
"Oral Arguments" in Master/Slave (#5)
Berg, Carol.
Flesh and Spirit
Son of Avonar (#3)
Song of the Beast (#5)
Berg, Elizabeth.
Durable Goods
Bergin, Louise.
The Winter Duke (#1)
Berner, Amy.
"The Path of Wesley Wyndham-Pryce" in Five Seasons of Angel
Bernstein, Abbie.
"It's Not Easy Being Green and Nonjudgmental" in Five Seasons of Angel
Beverley, Jo.
"The Dragon and the Virgin Princess" in Dragon Lovers
Forbidden Magic (#24)
A Most Unsuitable Man (#27)
My Lady Notorious (#8)
The Rogue's Return (#23)
Something Wicked (#33)
Biddiss, Michael D. & Cartwright, Frederick F.
Disease and History
Billheimer, John.
Highway Robbery (#15)
Billingham, Mark.
Binchy, Maeve.
"Carissima" in Irish Girls About Town
Bishop, Anne.
Dreams Made Flesh (#14)
Pillars of the World (#40)
"The Price" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Black, J. Carson.
Darkness on the Edge of Town (#21)
Black, Jaid.
Strictly Taboo
Blair, Annette.
My Favorite Witch (#22)
The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Blake, Toni.
"Brushstrokes" in Taking Care of Business (#5)
Blanc, Nero.
The Crossword Connection (#17)
Blayney, Mary.
"Amy and the Earl's Amazing Adventure" in Dead of Night
"Poppy's Coin" in Bump in the Night (#25)
Blue, Cheyenne.
"Cactus Ass" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Bond, Alison.
How to Be Famous (#26)
Bowden, Susan.
House of Shadows
Bowker, David.
The Death Prayer
Bradbury, Ray.
The Martian Chronicles (#9)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (#12)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
"The Secret of the Blue Star" in Thieves' World (#10)
Brandt, Beverly.
Dream On
Match Game
"Nothing But the Truth" in The Naked Truth
Record Time (#6)
Room Service (#17)
"So Caught Up in You" in Catch of the Day
The Tiara Club (#9)
True North (#32)
Brandt, Kathy.
Dangerous Depths (#26)
Under Pressure
Braun, Lilian Jackson.
The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
The Cat Who Went Bananas
"The Dark One" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
Bretton, Barbara.
Renegade Lover (#27)
Someone Like You (#6)
Brichoux, Karen.
Coffee and Kung Fu
The Girl She Left Behind (#12)
Bricker, Lea.
"Passing Notes" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Bridges, Chris.
"Sticky Notes" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Briggs, Patricia.
The Hob's Bargain (#13)
Moon Called
Briggs, Stephen & Pratchett, Terry.
The Discworld Mapp
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook
Brin, David.
"Buffy vs. the Old-Fashioned 'Hero'" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
Bringas, Jocelyn.
"He Just Fucks" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Brisbin, Terri.
The Dumont Bride (#13)
A Matter of Time (#29)
Once Forbidden
Brockmann, Suzanne.
Hot Target
Into the Night
Love with the Proper Stranger (#1)
No Ordinary Man (#4)
Brockway, Connie.
Skinny Dipping
Brockway, Connie & Dodd, Christina.
Once Upon a Pillow
Brodsky, Daniella.
Velvet Rope Diaries
Brook, Meljean.
Demon Angel
"Falling for Anthony" in Hot Spell (#16)
Brooks, Alyssa.
"Arrested" in The Cop
Brooks, Bethany.
Her Perfect Earl (#29)
Brooks, Terry.
Genesis of Shannara: Armageddon's Children
High Druid of Shannara: Jarka Ruus
High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil
The Sword of Shannara (#2)
The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Morgawr (#7)
Brown, Dale.
The Tin Man
Brown, Sandra.
"The Risk of Seduction and the Seduction of Risk" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Bruce, Cara.
"For Sale" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Brundage, J.
"Sleepsmut" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Brunner, John.
"Sentences of Death" in Thieves' World (#10)
Brust, Steven.
"An Act of Contrition" in Liavek
"An Act of Trust" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
The Book of Jhereg (contains Jhereg, Yendi, and Teckla)
Brokedown Palace: A Tale from the East
The Lord of Castle Black
The Paths of the Dead (#4)
Sethra Lavode
Brust, Steven & Bull, Emma.
Freedom and Necessity
Bryan, Jessica.
Across a Wine-Dark Sea (#21)
Buck, Gayle.
"Christmas Cheer" in Regency Christmas Courtship (#17)
The Fleeing Heiress
Buckley, Geri.
For Pete's Sake (#39)
Bucklin, Nathan A.
"Dry Well" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
Bujold, Lois McMaster.
Barrayar in Cordelia's Honor
"Mountains of Mourning" in Young Miles
Shards of Honor in Cordelia's Honor
The Vor Game in Young Miles
The Warrior's Apprentice in Young Miles
Bull, Emma.
"Badu's Luck" in Liavek
"The Well-Made Plan" in Liavek: The Players of Luck
Bull, Emma & Brust, Steven.
Freedom and Necessity
Bull, Emma & Shetterly, Will.
Double Feature (#23)
Burnes, Caroline.
Familiar Tale
Burroughs, Edgar Rice.
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (#11)
Burton, Ann.
Abigail's Story (#38)
Rahab's Story (#27)
Burton, Lynn.
"Kissing Booth" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Bussel, Rachel Kramer.
"Lap Dance Lust" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
"Fast Girls" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
"Pins and Needles" in Master/Slave (#5)
Butcher, Jim.
Academ's Fury (#28) | re-read
Captain's Fury | re-read | re-read
Cursor's Fury
The Darkest Hours: A Spider-Man Novel (#2) | re-read
Dead Beat (#14)
Furies of Calderon (#22) | re-read
Grave Peril
"It's My Birthday, Too" in Many Bloody Returns
Proven Guilty (#12)
Small Favor | re-read
"Something Borrowed" in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Turn Coat
White Night | re-read
Butcher, Shannon K.
No Control
No Escape
No Regrets (#4) | re-read
Butler, Nancy.
"Christmas With Dora Davenport" in Regency Christmas Courtship (#17)
Byatt, A. S.
The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye (#8)
Byerrum, Ellen.
Grave Apparel
Hostile Makeover (#13)
Raiders of the Lost Corset
Byrd, Adrianne.
When You Were Mine
Byrd, Nicole.
Gilding the Lady (#21)
Lady in Waiting
Seducing Sir Oliver
Vision in Blue (#25)


Cacek, P. D.
Night Prayers (#23)
Cach, Lisa.
George and the Virgin (#18)
Caddle, Colette.
"Moving" in Irish Girls About Town
Caine, Rachel.
Chill Factor (#4)
"Dead Man's Chest" in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" in Many Bloody Returns
Glass Houses
Heat Stroke (#6)
Califia, Patrick.
"Flannel Nightgowns and White Cotton Panties" in Master/Slave (#5)
Cameron, Stella.
"Early in the Morning" in Summer Love (#3)
"Moments of Power" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Campbell, Glynnis.
My Hero
Campbell, Marilyn.
"The Trouble With Angelina" in Angel Christmas
Cannell, Dorothy.
"Fetch" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
"The January Sale Stowaway" in Christmas Stalkings (#19)
Mum's the Word
Card, Orson Scott.
Ender's Game (#42)
Hart's Hope
Speaker for the Dead
Carey, Jacqueline.
Kushiel's Dart (#11)
Carl, JoAnna.
The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (#5)
Carleton, Susannah.
Twin Peril (#32)
Carlyle, Liz.
The Devil You Know
No True Gentleman
Carrington, Tori.
You Only Love Once (#24)
Carroll, Jonathan.
The Marriage of Sticks (#29)
Carter, Brooke.
"The Very First Time" in Master/Slave (#5)
Carter, Margaret L.
"A World Without Shrimp" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
Cartwright, Frederick F. & Biddiss, Michael D.
Disease and History
Caselberg, Jay.
"Cairene Dawn" in Powers of Detection (#16)
Caskie, Kathryn.
Rules of Engagement
Cassidy, Carla.
The Perfect Family (#43)
Cast, P. C.
Divine by Choice
Elphame's Choice (#18)
Goddess by Mistake (#20)
Goddess of Light (#28)
Goddess of Love
Cast, P. C. & Kristin.
Castillo, Linda.
A Whisper in the Dark
Castle, Jayne.
After Dark in Harmony
"Bridal Jitters" in Harmony
Castoro, Laura.
Crossing the Line
Cesarini, Jeanie.
"Code Name: Kiss" in Secrets, Volume 10
Chance, Karen.
Touch the Dark
Chappell, Crissa-Jean.
Total Constant Order
Charles, Renee M.
"Diving Into Oceans of Air" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Chase, Loretta.
Knaves' Wager (#9)
The Lion's Daughter
Mr. Impossible (#48)
The Sandalwood Princess (#8)
Chase, Mickey.
"The C-Word" in Master/Slave (#5)
Chase, Rachelle.
"Out of Control" in Secrets, Vol. 13
Cherryh, C. J.
"Ischade" in Shadows of Sanctuary (#28)
Christian, M.
"The Colour of Lust" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
"In Control" in Master/Slave (#5)
"Nighthawks" in Down and Dirty, Vol. 2
Churchill, Jill.
In the Still of the Night (#28)
War and Peas
Clair, Daphne.
"Sweet Subversions" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (#8)
Clamp, Cathy & Adams, C. T.
Captive Moon
Hunter's Moon (#1)
Moon's Web
Touch of Evil
Clancy, Tom.
The Teeth of the Tiger
Clare, Pamela.
Extreme Exposure (#30)
Hard Evidence
"Heaven Can't Wait" in Catch of the Day
Clark, Deneane.
Clarke, Arthur C.
3001: The Final Odyssey (#15)
Childhood's End (#16)
Earthlight (#36)
Imperial Earth
The Songs of Distant Earth (#6)
Clarke, Richard A.
Against All Enemies
Clemens, Matthew V. & Collins, Max Allan.
"East Side, West Side" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
Coben, Harlan.
Drop Shot
Cody, Nicole.
Love and Mayhem (#6)
Coffey, Jan.
Triple Threat
Trust Me Once
Twice Burned
Colbert, Stephen.
I Am America (And So Can You!)
Collins, Kate.
Dearly Depotted (#31)
Slay it with Flowers (#20)
Collins, Max Allan & Clemens, Matthew V.
"East Side, West Side" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
Colvin, Elizabeth.
"Zombie Love" in Master/Slave (#5)
Connelly, Michael.
"Christmas Even" in Murder and All That Jazz (#16)
The Closers
Conrad, Roxanne Longstreet.
"Is That Your Final Answer...?" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
"Welcome to Wolfram & Hart: The Semi-Complete Guide to Evil" in Five Seasons of Angel
Cook, Eileen.
Cook, Glen.
Bitter Gold Hearts in The Garrett Files
Cold Copper Tears in The Garrett Files
Dread Brass Shadows in Garrett, P.I.
Old Tin Sorrows in Garrett, P.I.
Red Iron Nights in Garrett, P.I.
Shadows Linger
Sweet Silver Blues in The Garrett Files
Cooke, Deborah.
Kiss of Fire
Corgiat, Jerri.
Home at Last (#14)
Home by Starlight
Take Me Home
Coulter, Catherine.
Hemlock Bay
Lyon's Gate (#19)
The Scottish Bride (#11)
Crawley, Michael.
"Six Before Nine" in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vol. 3
Crichton, Michael.
Prey (#23)
Crider, Bill.
"El Lobo Rides Alone" in Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (#31)
"I Was a Teenage Vampire" in Many Bloody Returns
"The Santa Claus Caper" in Christmas Stalkings (#19)
Cross, Claire.
All or Nothing
Double Trouble (#18)
Love Potion #9
One More Time
Third Time Lucky (#29) | re-read
Crusie, Jennifer.
Anyone But You
"The Assassination of Cordelia Chase" in Five Seasons of Angel
Bet Me (#36)
"Dating Death" in Seven Seasons of Buffy
Getting Rid of Bradley | re-read
"Hot Toy" in Santa, Baby
Crusie, Jennifer & Dreyer, Eileen & Stuart, Anne.
The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
Crusie, Jennifer & Mayer, Bob.
Agnes and the Hitman
Don't Look Down (#17)
Cummings, Paul.
"Joey's First Spanking" in Master/Slave (#5)
Cussler, Clive.
The Adventures of Vin Fiz
Cussler, Clive & Dirk.
Black Wind (#8)
Cussler, Clive & Dirgo, Craig.
The Sea Hunters (#13)
The Sea Hunters II
Cussler, Clive & Kemprecos, Paul.
Blue Gold